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Agricultural, Business, Farm, Small-Business 
Non-Profit Management, and Personal Training Programs

The core of this program is to provide education outreach and training for the base of our ecomony - The Rural Business and Agricultural Business and our non-profit organizations.  It is the hope of B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. that the training courses will provide the rural business a cost effective means of developing education, training, and technology transfer without the cost of travelling. The training is related to tradiation agriculture, urban farming, gardening, farm mangement, animal care, stable management, landscaping, health and safety training, and managing a Small Business or a Non-Profit Organization.  In addition to specific training programs on small business, business, and non-profit managment, there are programs, dipolma, and certification courses and online courses to help learn how to use computer programs for accounting, spreadsheets, word processing, powerpoint presentations, and more.

The following is a partial listing of the courses currently available.  For some of our portals, a custom password is required to register for a course.  To request a customized password for you or your company, please contact Mr. Brian Oram at - We need your name, company name, and email address.


Farm Management and Anmial Care

Veterinary Assistant
BioFuels Production Training Program
Quick Books Pro
Wind Energy Technology
Energy Audits - Insulation
Solar Energy Systems (Passive Solar)
 Biomass Mass

Biomass Coal - Cofired Fired Boilers 
Renewable Energy Options

Business Management

Introduction to Six Sigma

Project Management, Six Sigma (Green / Black Belt),
Technical Writing, Grant Writing  and Other Certification Programs

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Grant Writing Training Program

Managing a Non-Profit Organization
Non-Profit Management Training Program

PMI- Project Management Training (Certification Prep 1)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Training and Applications)

More Training Programs - Online Short Courses /
Professional and Carrer Training

Personal Training- Alternative Approaches/
Self Improvement Programs

Feng Shui: Life Map ,Feng Shui: The Basics
Feng Shui: Elements, Relationships, and Cycles of Time

Alternative Construction: Natural Conditioning
Green Design: The Ethics of Green Design
Alternative Construction: Natural Building, Codes and Regulations
Residential Green Building: Design, Construction, and Accreditation

Other Training Programs
Alternative Energy and Green Technologies
Certification and Professional Training Courses (Develop Additional Income)
Health and Safety Training - Chemical Handling and Disposal
Engineering, Construction, and Electrical Training Programs
Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Design, Operation, and Management
Soil Science Training Programs
Other Online Training Programs

Products- Rainwater Harvesting
Products-Alternative Energy Supplies - Turbines,
Solar Panels, and other Conservation Measures