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Business, Small-Business, and Professional
Development Pre-Certification, Certification, and Continuing
Education Courses
Management, Insurance, Real Estate
Health Care and General Industry

The Rural Business, Small Business, professionals and non-profit organizations.  It is the hope of B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. that the training courses will provide the rural business a cost effective means of developing education, training, and technology transfer without the cost of travelling. The evolution to senior management requires both a broad range of skills, including marketing, financial management and leadership, as well as great expertise within each area. The leader who has excelled while dealing with projects and design issues must now learn to deal with people issues and leadership challenges.   In addition to specific training programs on small business, business, and non-profit management, there are self-help training programs. 

The following is a partial listing of the courses currently available. 

Business Management

30 Hour PMI Approved Course 

Certificate in A/E Project Management

Certificate in Construction Supervision

Business Management Training

University of Tennessee Certificate
in Sustainable Design & Green Buildings Level 1

Achieving LEED Credits in New Construction Projects

Finance & Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager 

Professional Training and Certification

CPA - CPE Certification
and Continuing Education

Food Safety, Handler, and Beverage Managers 

The Health Campus 
 Dental Professionals, Nursing, Respiratory Therapists, 
 Radiology Technologist Long-term Care, and more

Learn Insurance for Agents 

Precertification, Continuing Education for 
Insurance Professionals and Adjusters
Add Annuity Training OR Long-Term Care Course for 
$3.60 w/ Ultimate Success Life and Health Prelicensing.

Real Estate Agent 
Multi-State Real Estate Continuing Education More States Being Added- 
Enroll Now or Request Courses for Your State! Continuing Education, 

Mortgate Education, Exam Prep, and Much More. 

Other Training Programs For Self-Improvement

Alternative Energy and Green Technologies
Certification and Professional Training Courses 
Health and Safety Training - Chemical Handling and Disposal
Engineering, Construction, and Electrical Training Programs
Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Design, Operation, and Management
Soil Science Training Programs

We are always looking to add new course content
and the above are links to some of our multi-credit courses. 

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