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Alternative and Renewable Energy Training, Building Performance,  and Conventional Energy Systems

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. of Dallas, Pennsylvania has collaborated with online training centers to make available quality distance learning courses in alternative and renewable energy, alternative energy training, energy efficiency, Sustainability, LEED, and Green Building Design.   For training in Green Building Design, the featured program is a 8-part Training Program known as the Green Infrastructure.   Training programs that offer Professional Certifications.

If your are looking for conventional training programs or online-certification programs go to:

Energy Auditor Training Program (Self-Study)

NEW- Energy Auditor Training and Energy Audit Certification - RESNET- BPI- NEASI Energy Auditor Certification  (Comprehensive Package)

The following are a listing of the Online Courses or Programs that are currently available through our Alternative Energy Training, Wind Training, Ground Source Training, and Photovoltaic Training Programs.  The conventional energy related systems program targets individuals that are working in the field of oil, coal, natural gas, and petrochemical processing.  Courses timely topic that include natural gas development, carbon sequestering, and deep well injection.

New Line of Online Training Courses

Green Building Design 
LEED Certification, Green Associate Training Courses and Prep Exams

University of Tennessee Certificate in Energy & Atmosphere

30 Hour Mechanical Engineering Discount Package

Residential Solar Power Systems
Renewable Sources of Energy: Wind Power

Solar Electric Generation: Technologies
Solar Water Heating
: Reducing Green House Gas Emissions
Geothermal Heat Pumps
Renewable Sources of Energy Wind
Wind Power Today
Fracking Operations (15 hour course)
Modern Shale
Gas Development
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

Environmental Compliance Training

Other Training Program including Mold and Environmental Topics (Search Popular Courses), such as Mining Inspector, Certified Environmental Specialist,  Environmental Complaince . We are always looking to add new course content and the above are links to some of our multi-credit courses.  

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