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6.0 Evapotranspiration System- The Non-infiltration, Evapotranspiration Bed Contained Within a Greenhouse

This technology consists of low flow plumbing fixtures inside the home, an aerobic treatment tank, and specially modified passive solar greenhouse beds where the wastewater is eliminated through the process of evapotranspiration. These systems are used where permeability and site limitations (shallow mottling, excessive slopes) negate the use of other soil-based absorption systems. The minimum requirements are as follows:

A. Design and installation must follow the manufacturer's specifications.

B. The bed must be contained in an enclosed, walled structure (usually cinder blocks) and insulated on the exterior to avoid contact with frozen ground. The bed must be lined to retain all effluent and avoid infiltration with the underlying soil.

C The bed must be sectionalized with a series of valves that control effluent flow to each section proportional to the evapotranspiration potential of the season.

D. Temperature controls and humidity exchangers must be used to maintain the proper internal environment necessary to reach optimal evapotranspiration potential.

E. The system must comply with Sections 73.72(d)(3) and 73.72(e) as part of the application process.

F. These systems require regularly scheduled maintenance and monitoring to insure the long-term reliability of their performance. The SEO should include all operation and maintenance requirements on the permit application. It is the responsibility of the SEO to ensure that all components of the systems have been installed in compliance with the above conditions.

Systems Approved Under This Listing:

The only non-infiltration / evapotranspiration bed system currently meeting the alternate system standards is the Sundrive Biovaporator Solar Greenhouse Evapotranspiration Wastewater Disposal System designed by Sundrive, Inc., 60 Sherman Road, Ottsville, PA 18942, please contact a Mr. Michael Zavoda.

6.1 Siting Requirements

               Depth to Rock
Non-soil-based System- No Requirement
Depth to Water Table
Non-soil-based System - No Requirement
Non-soil-based System- No Requirement
Percolation Rate
Non-soil-based System- No Requirement

6.2 PDF Files from Sundrive