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Natural Gas Exploration and Development in Pennsylvania and the Marcellus Shale- Baseline Water Testing, Groundwater and Surfacewater Monitoring, Water Well / Private Well Surveys, and Environmental Analysis Provided - Plus Online Training Courses

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. provides environmental consulting, expert witness, water quality sampling, baseline water sampling/ testing/analysis, chain-of-custody services, and education outreach services to landowners and other organizations. The primary focus of our outreach efforts is to aid in evaluating and documenting baseline environmental conditions, evaluate potential for environmental impact, educate citizens on the natural gas development, and assist municipalities/ citizen groups in planning related activities.  

Regarding the Black Shale (Marcellus, Bakken, or Utica) - We provide services throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania including Bradford, Carbon, Columbia, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Pike, Potter, Wayne, Wyoming, Susquehanna, and Tioga Counties, but we work on outreach programs throughout Colorado, New York, Kansas, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, South Dakota, and Texas  - We work for the people.   For workout side of Pennsylvania, please send request to Mr. Brian Oram or use the form below.

Our new guide on groundwater quality and baseline testing available at


Petrochemical / "Fracking" Training Courses (Online)

Petroleum: Texas Administrative Code (TAC) - Underground Injection Control

15 Hour -Petroleum Engineer Training Programs

Petroleum: Waste Minimization in the Oil Field 

Petroleum - Drilling Technology

Petroleum and Natural Gas: Mud Logging Sensors and Modern EDR Systems

Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering

"Fracking", Environmental Issues, Modern Gas Development

"Fracking the Operation" and "Fracking Environmental Issues"

OSHA Safety: Drilling

Underground Tank Storage Operator (Search Under U)

other Training Courses 

Free- Industrial Safety Introduction Course

Recent Articles or Post on Baseline Testing in Northeastern Pennsylvania

ONG Marketplace - Baseline Sampling - It is not Just about Collecting a Sample. 

Harveys Lake Area - Baseline Testing Supported by B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc.

Baseline Water Testing for Northeastern PA - A Differnet Tiered Approach for PA

Baseline Testing Prior to Natural Gas Development Sweet Valley, Lake, and Lehman Area

Independent Water Testing and Baseline Groundwater Testing State Certified Laboratories in Northeastern Pennsylvania - Bradford, Columbia, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne, and Wyoming

New Survey for Private Well Owners in Northeastern Pennsylvania - We need your Help ! 

New Presentation Prepared for Pennsylvania on Baseline Testing and Environmental Monitoring (Slideshare).

New Presentation Prepared for West Virginia (pdf and Slideshare) - Panel Discussion Wellness and Water Event (pdf)


New Private Well Owner Outreach Related to Natural Gas Development
For ALL Private
 Well and Water System Owners in the United States

We Area A Proud Supporter of the

Citizen Groundwater/ Surfacewater Database  !

List of Local Partners

Shoener Environmental -

Reilly Engineering -

F.X. Browne Inc. -

Keystone Clean Water Team -

Kirby Memorial Health Center (certified Laboratory) -

Seewald Laboratories Inc (certified Laboratory) -

Microbac -

Quantum Labortories - 

Princeton Analytical Laboratories -

Benchmark Laboratories  -

Listing of Certified Laboratories In PA (pdf format)

Community Outreach - Harveys Lake Region- Luzerne County, PA

National Testing Laboratories (informational testing) |
Certified Testing - email

Marcellus Shale Coalition Pre-Drilling Survey Recommendations - my blog post on this topic.

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