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Septic Systems (PA Perspective)

The Pennsylvania Perspective to On-lot and Land-based Wastewater Disposal Systems is being provided by B. F. Environmental Consultants, Inc., Water-Research Center, and the WP Online University.  This on-line guide to on-lot wastewater disposal in Pennsylvania provides basic information on approved, alternative and experimental land-based wastewater disposal and recharge systems. This online resource provide general information on the selection, siting, sizing, and maintenance of on-site wastewater disposal systems for residential, commercial, and community applications.

Our Website Index and Table of Contents

1.0 Septic System Use

2.0 The Black Box -The Septic System

2.1 Aerobic Tank

2.2 Grease Traps (commercial facilities)

2.3 Soil Absorption Areas

3.0 Septic System Does and Do and Donots

4.0 Characteristics of Domestic Wastewater

4.1 Septic Tank Treatment Efficiency

5.0 Spray Irrigation

5.1 Individual Residential Spray Irrigation System (IRSIS)

5.2 Large Volume Slow Rate Irrigation

6.0 Evapotranspiration System

7.0 Peat Bio-Filter

8.0 Drip Irrigation and Drip Micromound

8.1 Siting Requirements

8.2 Treatment Requirements

9.0 Other Alternative Systems, like Composting Toilets

9.1 Drip Micro-Mound (Under Development)
9.2 Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF) - (Under Development) 

10.0 Other Systems - Not Approved in Pennsylvania (under development)

11.0 Approved PA Systems (pdf) Feb 2004

12.0 Alternative Experimental Systems PA (pdf), Jan 2003

13.0 Greywater and Reuse Systems

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Online Training Courses that Support - Septic Systems

Training Courses

On-site Wastewater Systems Training Course (4 credit hour)

Wastewater - Design, Installation and O&M Guidelines ( 4 credit hours)

Design and Selection of Small Wastewater Systems (3 credit hours)

Wastewater Treatment Design (Advanced) - (3 credit hours)