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Continuing Education Information
For Licensed Surveyors (PLS)
Multistate Continuing Education Courses

In Pennsylvania and other states, the state licensing board has required continuing education for licensed professionals.  They have implemented these requirements to attemt safeguard life, health and property and to promote the public welfare.  The following are a partial listing of some to the specific training courses that meets or should meet the continuing education requirements for your state.  The primary benefit of our program is that in many cases the course meets the requirements for multiple states and multiple licenses.  Many courses meet licensing requirements for surveyors, engineers, and architects.
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Web Design Pros Online University provides an affordable alternative to the normal workshop training course or continuing education course. Web Design Pros is a women-owned business and are goal is to provide a cost effective solution to training and education of our workforce. Our library and variety of online courses provides a comprehensive and diverse series of offerings to meet continuing education requirements for the professional, contractor, or workforce development/ employee training program.

The professional training courses for engineers, architects, contractors, green builders, LEED Professionals, geologists, well drillers, and surveyors have been selected to meet the training requirements for your state or other state licensing boards. Our course catalog includes training programs to meet OSHA requirements, plus includes training programs offered by the most reputable professional and service Associations and Societies.

For the Professional - CEU Courses: You have access to a comprehensive library of CEU approved training courses. After completing an on-line course, confirmation of CEU credit will be provided to the approved state board. If you are licensed in more than one state or province, you must contact the appropriate state board or agency to obtain all of the information regarding compliance, but you will have a copy of the training course completion for your records.

Personal Development and Advanced Studies: You will have easy access to courses. You can choose an on-line course to review a topic, to investigate a new specialty, or to gain in-depth knowledge. Courses are rated by degree of difficulty and some are offered in a series. Course descriptions will indicate if a prerequisite is required.

Some example courses (There are over 100 courses available for Surveyors)- Short List:

Basic Concepts of Photogrammetry - 3 hours - only $ 80.85 
Akin v. Godwin - A Dave Gibson Lot and Block Case - 2 hours only $ 77.90
Highway Engineering 6: Highway Drainage and Surveys - 4 hours - $ 155.80
A Wetland Primer, Advanced: Field Evaluation & Permitting Considerations  - 2 hours - $ 99.90
BFEs for Approximate Zone A: Simplified Methods (Flood Mapping) - 1 hour - $ 38.95
OSHA Underground Construction - 4 hours - $ 155.80
Basic Erosion & Sediment Control - 6 hours - $ 233.70
Channel Restoration Design 2: Designers & Their Toolkits - 6 hours - $ 161.70
Design of Detention Ponds for Parking Lots - 6 hours - $ 199.80
Green Infrastructure 6: Best Practices for Stormwater Management - 3 hours - $ 116.85
HEC-RAS - Open Channel Flow Basics - 3 hours - $ 149.85
Introduction to Rain Gardens - 2 hours - $ 53.90
Open Channel Hydraulics I: Introduction and Energy Balance - 2 hours - $ 99.90
Designing for Sun, Wind, & Light: Strategies for Building Parts - 4 hours - $ 199.80
Geographic Information Systems  (GIS) - 5 hours - $ 249.75
Global Position Training (GPS) - 2 hours - $ 99.90
Ethics for Land Surveyors: Decision-Making in Everyday Practice - 1 hour - $ 38.95
The Theory of Measurement - 4 hours - $ 107.80

For more courses go to our Training Portal - Make sure to sign up for a free account. You can search by Profession, State, Type of Program, and Level of Training.

OSHA and Safety Training Program

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