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Distance Learning Courses, Field Training Courses, Professional Continuing Education, Training Workshops, University Courses, and Teacher Training Initiatives.

College Continuing Education Courses Offered Through Wilkes University Current Soil Science and Geoscience Courses (Pennsylvania)

Summer University Field Course Dallas, PA- B.F. Environmental Consultants was the co-instructor for a field training courses in Field Methods In Applied Geosciences, Soil Morphology, Hydric Soils, and Soil applications to wastewater and stormwater management. Current Course Listings: Professional Continuing Education, University Training Courses,  Workshops and other Training Opportunities.

Distance Learning, Continuing Education, and eLearning Programs by The eLearning Center (Professional Development Hours - PDH)

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. has partnered with the eLearning specialists to provide over 1500+ distance learning, elearning, and continuing education courses in the areas of environmental science, engineering, natural gas development, oil and natural gas, health and safety, drilling, industrial training, green building, sustainable development, solar, wind, biofuels, and alternative energy, environmental management, OSHA Training, wetlands, water well/ monitoring well, GIS/ GPS, and much more.    A pdf file that contains a partial listing of the courses we offer - B.F. Environmental Training Program (Safety - OSHA).

B.F. Environmental Consultants, Inc. proudly offers a collection of online Engineering, Industrial Skills, Environmental courses, Environmental Compliance Specialist, Green Building and Remodeling, Sustainability, Solar Wind, and Geothermal Energy, and more at an affordable price.   Training Courses by Profession Surveyors , Geologists , Engineers , Architects, and others.

Featured Training Courses

Environmental Compliance and Indoor Air Quality Specialist

Wetland Education and Training
Inland Restoration; Wetland Delineation (Basics)
Basics of Soil Resources 1: Classification, Mapping and Databases
Basics of Soil Resources 2: Erosion, Desertification, Salinization & Soil Acidification
Basics of Water Resources: Groundwater Hydrology (RV-7594)

Geographic Information Systems  (GIS) and Global Position Training (GPS)

New Courses related to Hydraulic Fracturing
and  Stream Restoration

National Drillers Training Courses
Drilling Safety ,  Water Well Design,
Basic of Core Drilling, Petroleum Waste Minimization

Basic Erosion and Sedimentation
Data Quality Assurance
Ex Situ Remediation Technologies for Contaminated Soils
Groundwater Hydrology

other courses and CEUs Programs:

15 Hour- Civil Engineering CEUs (Multi-State Approval)

30 hour- Civil Engineering CEUs (Multi-State Approval)

15 Hour - Petroleum Engineer CEUs (Multi-State Approval)

30 hour- Civil Engineering CEUs (Multi-State) with Live Content (NY and WI)

These are online / distance learning courses that are self-paced.

Summer or Customized Soil Science Training Courses for Professionals   (continuing education units (CEUs), PDH, or university credit).  Training courses being conducted through local Universities.

Custom Citizen Workshops Indoors

  1. Pennsylvania Perspective on Septic System Operation, Maintenance, and Management.
  2. Private Well Owner Programs - Hydrology, Well Construction, Water Quality, Groundwater, Common Water Quality Problems in YOUR Area. Workshops are set-up customized to the specific water quality issues or concerns for your Group. Many workshops are conducted in coordination with the Keystone Clean Water Team.
  3. Soils, Soils Testing, BMP Selection and Hydrological Evaluations for Stormwater Management.
  4. Source Water Protection, Water Resource
    Management, and Environmental Issues in PA (blog) (organization).

Is there something else you may be peak your interest or help your company retrain or train you field staff, let us know. We can coordinate training in the following areas: Laboratory Water Quality Testing and QA/QC, Watershed Assessments, GIS and GPS, Field Geology, Energy Conservation, Wetlands, and more.

We are always looking to add new course content and the above are links to some of our multi-credit courses. 

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