9.0 Other Alternative Systems

This section provides a brief description of other alternative system or system components. In most cases, these items do not address the interior on-lot disposal issues, but address a portion or a component of the system.

Source: Bio-Sun Systems Inc
Millerton, PA

9.1 The Individually Designed Composting Toilet

The Individually Designed Composting Toilets is limited to those composting devices that are not approved by the National Sanitation Foundation as a premanufactured container with a designated model number identification; which are designed, installed by an individual or as a custom, integral part of a building structure; which are designed, installed by an individual or corporation with existing installations in Pennsylvania preceding November 22, 1997; which have had Pennsylvania installations monitored and determined to be functional; which are warranted for a minimum of two years and which are in compliance with the standards listed below. (Source: PADEP Alternative Manual).

9.1.1 Design Review Certification

A statement by a representative of the company certifying that the following requirements have been meet.

a. Materials- All materials proposed for use in the construction must be durable and watertight, preclude infiltration and prevent escape of liquids.

b. Structurally Sound- Must be able to withstand hydrostatic pressures.

c. Designed to prevent entry of insects into any component where biological activity is intended to occur.

d. Design distance between the upper surface of the seat and the untreated waste is not less than 12 inches unless a leveling device or cleanable barrier is included.

dewater inlets must be protected against back siphoning or backflow by air gap or vacuum breaker.

f. Components parts subject to malfunction, wear, or requiring maintenance must be accessible.

g. Electrical work, equipment, and materials must comply with National Electrical Manufactures Association and National Electric Code.

h. Complete and detailed design.

i. Operation and Maintenance Agreement

Above information must accompany a permit application. Permit applications must be submitted to the DEP regional and central offices with supporting documentation for consideration as an experimental individually designed composting toilet under Chapter 73, Section 73.71.

9.1.2 Performance Monitoring

Individually designed systems must be monitored to determine if the composting unit is functioning properly. At a minimum the monitoring shall include:

a) Five core samples of solid product prior to first clean-out or within one year of start-up. Each core sample must weigh 10 grams and be collected by a commercial laboratory.

b) 7-day objectionable odor test described in NSF Standard 41 Section 7.1.4 must be conducted by the laboratory which collected the samples.

c) Testing for fecal coliform and moisture content. Fecal coliform < 200 MPN per gram as an arithmetic mean of 5 samples. Moisture content of solid end product must not exceed 65% by weight.

Results should be sent to PADEP.

9.1.3 Systems Meet Screening To Date

The following is a listing of systems that have meet the PADEP screening to date:

Bio-Sun Systems, RR#2, Box 134A, Millerton, PA 16936

1-800-847-8840 | Composting Toilet

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