Low Impact Development and Stormwater BMP Pennsylvania PowerPoint Presentations, PDF Files, and Best Management Practices  (Smart Development)

In general, it is our professional opinion that the changes in the stormwater regulations that look beyond managing the 100-year storm was wise, but the implementation of this approach has created more and other problems.  In some areas, the regulations are attempting to recharge over 80% of the annual rainfall, where in reality the normal recharge rate is only about 50%.  B.F. Environmental Consultants, Inc. provides a unique role, we do not design or install systems, we work with the project owner, community, and engineers to attempt to implement stormwater management systems that “Make Sense”. This means these systems consider stormwater as a resource, follow the scientific method, based on site conditions and capacity of the water and we like using a water budget approach. To complete this effort, we provide the following services:

1 Desktop assessment as part of project planning to evaluate the limitations and capacity for a project site, proposed development, or redevelopment of a site.
2. On-site soils and hydrological assessment to characterize the site and ifnecessary complete soil morphological analysis, estimated soil storagecapacity, recalculate CN values, infiltration testing, hydroconductivitytestings, and preparing predevelopment and post-development water budgetassessments.
3. Conducting preliminary assessments of proposed stormwater best managementplans and troubleshooting failing or improperly operating “recharge”,bioretention, or infiltration based stormwater management system.
The following are links to the Power Point Presentations that were used during the Low Impact Development and Stormwater BMP Workshop in Harrisburg, PA and throughout Pennsylvania. These presentations are for the convenience of the individuals that attended the workshop.
For the individuals that attended the workshop, THANK YOU for coming. I personally had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone.  
If you did not attend the workshop, "We" ("the Presenters") would appreciate that you do not download these presentations. If you do download, the presentations please send an email to PowerPoint Download. Also, if you need to use these presentations, "We" are requesting that you ask the permission to use the information and data and please provide proper acknowledgement of the author, presenter, and creator of the documents. All data is the proper and work product of the individual presenters and it is being made available for your education- Please do not download or distribute these presentations in part.
With respect to Erosion and Sedimentation Control, B.F. Environmental Consultants provides technical, educational, and professional services related to soils evaluations, hydrogeology, hydrology, hydric soils evaluations, infiltration / permeability testing, and water quality evaluations. B.F. Environmental Consultants does not provide engineering or surveying services.
Before Uncontrolled Runoff
After Wet Pond BMP


Ms. Catherine Chomat, PE, F.X. Browne, Inc.
Robert Traver, PhD, PE, Villanova University
Mr. Brian Oram, PG,  B.F. Environmental Consultants and Water-Research Center

All Presentations will be Stored In One Zip File for You to Download. TheOnly Presentation Online is Presentation 4.

Presentation 1 - Impacts of Uncontrolled Runoff (source F.X. Browne, Inc.)
Presentation 2 - Stormwater Management in Pennsylvania (source F.X. Browne, Inc.)
Presentation 3 - Concepts of Low-Impact Development, i.e., Smart Engineering (Villanova University)
Presentation 4 - Measuring Infiltration, Soils, and Hydrology (Wilkes University)- This is not a zip file
Presentation 5 - Infiltration and Filtration BMPs (Villanova University)
Presentation 6 - Ponds and Wetland BMPs, Retrofitting Basins (F.X. Browne, Inc.)
Presentation 7- Putting It All Together (F.X. Browne, Inc.)

Managing Stormwater in Our Communities Hosted: At McGowan Room, College Misericordia, Dallas, PA
(Pdf files Only )

Presentation 1 (pdf file) - Tree Canopy Cover, Mr. Vincent Cotrone, Urban Forester, Penn State Cooperative Extension
Presentation 2 (pdf file)- Ecological Stream and Watershed Connection (GIS) - Dr. Dale Bruns, Dean of College of Science and Engineering at Wilkes University
Presentation 3 (pdf file)- Better Stormwater Management Design - Mr. Paul DeBarry, PE - Director of Hydrology, Hydraulics, and GIS Section: Borton-Lawson Engineering.
Presentation 4 (pdf file) - Applied Soil Science to Stormwater Management and BMP Selection, Mr. Brian Oram, PG, Wilkes University, Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Presentation 5 (pdf file) - Modeling the Potential Reduction of Stormwater Runoff Using BMPs - Dr. Brian Whitman, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at Wilkes University
Presentation 6 (pdf file)- Regional Initiatives to Assist in Stormwater Management - Mr. Ryan Koch, Coordinator, Pocono NE, RC&D

Major Projects Completed

Sizing and Preparing Conceptual Design for Bioretention and Infiltration Systems for Treating Stormwater Runoff. Multiple projects in Pennsylvania.   This include site analysis, developing site-specific water budgets, site-specific CN analysis, and conducting both vertical and horizontal hydroconductivity testing.
Evaluating Poorly Performing or Failing Infiltration Systems to develop a remedial action plan.
Infiltration Environmental impacts – Conducting Evaluation and Assessments of existing stormwater facilities that have been alleged to adversely impact a third-party or the environment.
Evaluating the use of spray and drip irrigation applications for stormwater management approaches in environmentally sensitive areas, poor soil conditions, and karst geology.
360,000 gallon per week - Stormwater Management Spray Irrigation System for Low Impact Development
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